Hey there, 

We are William and Katarina. We are your personal guides, professional consultants, meditation teachers, and co-founders of Guidemetome. We are happy that you visited us today and we hope it’s the beginning of a positive and fruitful exchange between us. 

Several years ago we set out on a path of self-discovery during which we collectively meditated 5000+ hours while completing the IMT program, spent countless hours researching and training in various wellbeing tools and approaches, and enriched and deepened our knowledge during life-changing trips to India, Nepal, Turkey, and the Balkans among others.  This process helped us better navigate the challenges of daily life, experience deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing and transformation, and discover tools that brought tangible change to our lives. Ultimately, we both realized that our life’s purpose and source of joy comes from supporting others to discover themselves and improve their wellbeing. Guidemetome was created as the fruit of this realization, bringing together our diverse professional backgrounds in the corporate and humanitarian fields and our direct experience in positive self-transformation. 

We would be honored to support you on this journey. 

William and Katarina

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