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Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or illness? Do you lack clarity & balance in your career, relationship or life in general? Do you feel blocked from reaching your potential and finding your purpose?

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We believe that every human being has the innate capacity to develop awareness, to overcome whatever is standing in the way of experiencing true happiness, to manifest their potential, and to live in compassion and harmony with themselves and others.

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Our personalized sessions use a new integrated approach to meditation, energy healing, and personal guidance to help you become healthier, more balanced, and realize your potential.

If you are here today looking for a concrete positive transformation in your life related to:


A health concern


Mental or emotional distress


Personal or Professional Relationship issues


Work or creative inquiry


Looking to improve the performance of your organization/company


Seeking answers related to life purpose and spirituality


Or even if you aren't sure why you are here

We can help you by teaching you how to develop and use self-awareness to manifest tangible and sustainable results in all areas of your life. 

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Our Services

Our approach is rooted in the essence of wisdom teachings, backed by the findings of science, equipped with concrete and simple tools, and supported by understanding and compassion. Our sessions are carefully personalized to your needs, with the aim of helping you heal, overcome, and manifest.

Our Programs include:


8 programs for individuals seeking better emotional and physical health, a balanced mind and life, and a fulfillment of purpose and potential.


3 programs for businesses and organizations looking to optimize their performance, boost creativity and improve teamwork and communication.


Comfort and Clarity: We offer this session for individuals who are in an urgent need for relief, a safe space to express, support, and orientation.

We incorporate all of the elements below to guide you in the right direction:


We use the Integrated Meditation Technique  (learn more) which combines the essence of spiritual knowledge with scientific findings to form a wholesome and effective tool for healing, transformation, and manifestation.

Holistic Business Consultancy

We combine our international business experience with effective energy practices and knowledge that will help you upgrade your business, boost your professional performance, and expand your creativity.

Mind Coaching

We use reliable scientific research findings, and knowledge gained from direct experience, to teach you how to transform your mind and expand and use your awareness in the best and most practical way.

Personal Support and Guidance

Whenever you need us, we will provide you with the support and educational resources you need, with the aim of always guiding you back to your true self.

Energy Healing

We incorporate energy healing into our sessions and teach you effective and essential energy practices that will help you heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Healthy Living

Based on our personal experience and ongoing research and interest, we offer personalized advice and tips for healthy living practices. This supplementary advice is not a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment when needed.

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We would love to hear from you. If you have a question or would like to book a session please send an email to:


 We see Self-realization as an essential journey in life and not a luxury. It is very important to us that our sessions reflect this conviction. Therefore payments will be made as a contribution based on whatever you are able to give.