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Our sessions are driven by the understanding that each individual’s path towards realizing their essence and potential is deeply personal, courageous, and unique.

Our aim is to help you understand that everything you need is already within you, and nothing is as enriching and impactful as your own direct experience of growth and self-care.

Our role is to enrich your journey by providing you with an open and safe space to explore yourself, fill in the gaps of your understanding of the process of healing and transformation, offer you energetic nourishment, and guide you to meet your needs and goals.


When you join us for a session, we will sit with you to better understand your needs, aspirations, and obstacles. We will work together to develop a personalized program that incorporates the Integrated Meditation Technique (learn more) but can also include personal guidance and support in the form of mind-coaching, energy healing, healthy living tips, and/or holistic business consultancy. We also provide reliable educational materials as needed.


We believe that our relationship with you should be as inclusive and accessible as possible. We see Self-realization as an essential journey in life and not a luxury. It is very important to us that our sessions reflect this conviction. Therefore payments will be made as a contribution based on whatever you are able to give. We trust that our exchange will be valuable to you and we know that it will nourish us both. 

The programs below will give you a sense of what a session with us can look like. Sessions are available online and in person.

Programs for Individuals

Comfort and Clarity:

If you feel paralyzed by stress, anxiety or lack of clarity, this session is dedicated for your urgent needs and will give you a safe space to express yourself, feel support and relief, and find the orientation you need.

Sessions available immediately

Learn The Basics of Meditation:

Integrated Meditation Technique (IMT) is different from most meditation tools practiced today. It merges the essence of multiple meditation approaches and the findings of scientific research to ensure optimal results. This session is an introduction to IMT, and it combines theoretical materials and applied exercises to help you grasp the basics of the practice.

This is a free complimentary course included with every program

Heal Your Body with Energy 

If you suffer from a physical illness or an imbalance in the body, and you want to support or replace your conventional treatment and tap into the infinite possibilities of self-healing, this program is for you. We will work with you to gradually heal energetically, teach you how to develop the skill and awareness of self-healing, and explain how energy healing works scientifically. We also provide healthy living advice and educational materials based on your needs. These materials are intended to support not replace professional medical care when/if needed.

Number of sessions depending on need

Improve Your Mental and Emotional Well-being

If you suffer from emotional trauma, blockages or imbalances,  and/or you want to overcome destructive emotions and mindsets like fear, anxiety, depression, stress, and anger, this program is for you. It will help you better understand how your emotions and thoughts work,  and how you can use specific meditative tools to transcend and gradually attain a more harmonious state. Emotional healing is a delicate and gradual process; we are here to ease your healing journey energetically and to support you through ongoing care and understanding.

Number of sessions depending on need

Maximize Your Professional Performance

Whether you are looking to improve your career, boost your productivity and/or optimize your performance at your job, you can benefit from this program.  The program is designed to help you understand how your state of mind affects your work and your level of productivity.  Using Integrated Meditation Technique (IMT) in addition to energetic support and coaching tools, we will show you how to develop more awareness and the capability to overcome obstacles and meet your professional goals and potential.  

Number of sessions depending on need

Develop Healthy and Harmonious Relationships

If you are struggling to develop and maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others, this program will help you become more aware and transcend the destructive patterns of behavior, thoughts and/or emotions that are standing in the way from developing positive connections. We will help you energetically and offer you practical guidance and support in your healing journey towards gaining self-awareness, compassion, and understanding of yourself and your relationships.

Number of sessions depending on need

Tap Into Your Creative Flow

This program is for artists, individuals working in a creative job, or anyone seeking to explore their creative potential. We will help you better understand the mental and emotional state that supports a healthy creative process, and we will teach you tools and meditation practices that will improve your creative flow and capability to manifest.

Number of sessions depending on need

Personalized Program

If you are interested in improving multiple areas in your life, or if the reason you’re reaching out to us is not included in this list,  don’t worry! Reach out to us and we will create a personalized program that fits your needs and aspirations. 

Number of sessions depending on need

Transform Your Life and Find Your Purpose

This 18-month program dedicated to serious spiritual seekers is ideal for individuals seeking deeper spiritual transformation and answers related to life purpose. It covers all the phases of development including but not limited to: wholesome healing and purification, energetical development and harmonization, deep inquiry and realization, and integration and finding life purpose. We offer ongoing, unlimited support and guidance throughout the program as needed.

18-month program with one or two sessions every month

Programs for Companies and Organizations:

Boost Your Business Performance

If you are a business owner interested in expanding your business performance, this program is for you. We will provide you with a better understanding of the hidden layers that are affecting your business and will help you improve the energetical foundation of your work. We combine our diverse international business experience with optimal energy practices and knowledge, in order to help you lead your project to the next level.

Number of sessions depending on need

Team-Building Program

If your company or organization is looking for efficient and long-lasting solutions to improve communication, productivity, stress management and problem-solving, and support the wellbeing of each team-member this program will be of interest to you. We will help your team understand how mindset and energy impact work performance, and we will guide them towards making a positive change using a better mindset. This is a customized program that can be organized in the form of seminars, short retreats or one-time sessions. The elements of this program may include theoretical presentations, meditation practices related to communication, productivity, stress management, etc.,  and team-building  exercises.

Number of sessions depending on need

Holistic Business and Creative Consultancy 

If you are an established business looking for restructuring, a start-up looking for wholesome guidance, or if you are organizing a creative project (festival, concert, exhibition, etc), then this program is for you. This program is designed to holistically cover structure, strategy, and performance, merging best business practices with experience related to working with energy.

The program can include but is not limited to:

  • Optimization of the business process
  • Optimization of the creative process.
  • Image and identity consultation
  • Space management and energy
  • Marketing and PR
  • Human Resources 

Number of sessions depending on need